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Whether you’re currently without a manager, want some supplemental coaching for managers who report to you, or just want an outside perspective, I’m available to help you work through your challenges. Everything is done remotely, of course.

Short-term coaching

Hire me to help you think through a specific management issue, over one session or until a particular goal is met. Common shorter-term issues might include (but are certainly not limited to) help with translating in-person processes to remote environments; help with delivering difficult feedback clearly and equitably; workshopping a job posting to appeal to a diverse group of candidates; or planning to apply concepts from any of the posts in this blog.

Ongoing Coaching

Schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly check-ins to keep you on track for longer term goals and planning. Think through your team’s priorities, set your diversity and inclusion strategy, or create accountability for your own professional goals. Anything that we’d cover in short-term coaching is fair game for ongoing coaching as well!


Pricing is on a sliding scale depending on your level of organizational support:

$75/hour: Individuals from minoritized or underrepresented groups without organizational support. You don’t have to tell me about your minoritized identity to get this rate, but it can help guide my coaching if I understand what your challenges are.

$100/hour: Individuals who don’t identify as underrepresented or have nonprofit organizational support.

$150/hour: Individuals or teams with for-profit organizational support.